Thursday, June 23, 2011

The dog who lurks

I discovered this dog while I was hanging towels at my job at the hairdresser, I am an assistant. The vet woman next door said that it was an abandoned dog and were searching for a home for it. While I was folding the towels the dog was staring into the shop through the screen door and howling. I told the boss about the howling dog and we went to the door to investigate. Upon opening the door, the dog ran in and confronted the clients for attention and while doing so scattered their hair all over the carpet. I was ordered to apprehend the beast and escort it back outside where it began once again to howl. I then vacuumed the carpet.

powerful and muscular dog

This dog mostly roamed around with his head down shaking a chewed coke bottle. There were many people standing around the courtyard and It would at times look up and approach the people with the chewed coke bottle in its mouth and a challengey look in it's eye.
I accepted the dog's challenge and on a few occasions defeated the dog. This video depicts the dog defeating me even though I could have easily defeated the dog again, my superior intellect and tactical prowess was bewildering to the largely instinctual creature.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I play fetch with a small animal

Sometimes I don't pat your dog, I play fetch with it. This small brown animal was delighted to run after a tennis ball that I repeatedly took from its clenched teeth and threw. The dog did not tire of this.

fetch dog gets a shave

This video depicts the brown fetch dog being groomed mere hours after our game"

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Missy is a dog afraid, though sometimes especially when hungry quite friendly. Consider during Christmas lunch Missy putting put her dog face right up upon your lap and looking at you longingly with her dog hanging longingness. This video depicts a friendlier Missy, not trying to escape me but rather enjoying my patting hand and watching siamese cats drink from a gigantic plastic clam shell.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The first time I met Huey he barked out his dog lungs to protect the household he was chained up against. This amused my mind when I began to consider had a thief been visiting perhaps to take from the house items which did not belong to them what Huey might do from his post to which he was attached. Bark obviously. for Huey not only considered this possibility he believed it.

Discovering gus

I decided to branch out and pat other animals. This animal was on a chair underneath a table. I discovered the animal and patted it while it came to terms with consciousness. I surmise that it was pleased with what was happening to it.